Meet Favi

As a scion of the Cahan family – Belgian diamond dealers of renown, Favi has inherited a discerning jeweler's eye. He joined the industry as a young man and quickly rose to its apex, distinguishing himself as an aficionado in the influential Antwerp Diamond Bourse. There he flourished as an expert cutter and diamond connoisseur while interfacing with dealers, brokers and manufacturers spanning the globe.

Upon moving to New York in 1990, Favi transferred his passion and talents to 47th Street and joined the prestigious Diamond Dealers Club. He received certification as a gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America and served for years as a senior executive in LID – an Israeli diamond company highly active in jewelry manufacturing, before moving on to establish his own company.

Building on his years of experience and industry expertise, Favi crafts exclusive pieces unrivaled in quality and craftsmanship. He only uses jewels that are hand-picked to meet his rarified criteria and that serve as testimony to his impeccable integrity.